“Things to do when you are having a bad day”. Based on my personal research

1. Listen to Your favorite song and sing along

2. Take a shower- it release the tension in your at that moment

3. Watch a funny YouTube video –  It actually put a smile on your face while watching comedy videos.

4. Pet an animal – for those of us who has dog,cat or parrot as pet. Well maybe it helps others. 

5. Practice deep breathing – Well this I do often when someone gets me upset. 

6. Write about what’s bothering you and write what you grateful for- I wrote exactly how I felt in my writing journal and I was grateful to God for creating and protecting  me because I know I am special and different for a purpose. 

7. Do some light body weight exercis- it releases the stress in you.  I couldn’t do it.. Except cracking my fingers and neck counts. 

8.Walk bare foot on the grass/floor- so  walking out for awhile around the premises  make you feel better and stress free.

Am actually sharing this post to get your own opinion on WHAT YOU DO WHEN HAVING A BAD DAY. 

It could be at work, in school, in the market, at the hospital, every and anywhere let us know what you do to pull through the day. 

Thanks for always reading my post. Please don’t forget to like,comment  and share the post.. Have a nice day.

Kogwuonye patrick onyeka




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