Good day everyone…..

Today I have decided to share some of the inspirational quotes that keeps me going and motivated. A lot of us have different quotation or sayings either written by others or composed by us.

Below are 7 different quotes composed by me. I hope it speaks to you the same way it does to me.

P– Positive thinking brings good thoughts about who you are.

Patience is all about waiting for the right time


A-Attitude tells you who you  are, at first sight and impression on people


T-Truthful and be trustworthy bring more friends to you


R-respect is reciprocal.


I-Idealistic and intelligent people have ways of planning and they approach are different  from others.


C-Courage give you the inner strength to do extraordinary things.

Cool people have reason not to talk much but always fear them


K-Knowledge about a thing make you above others by one step.

Kindness is not only about giving but been there for people also.


One day, I would take each quote and analyze them….Tell me which quote spoke to you the more…. And how it did. I would also like you to share your own favorite quote (either by you or by anyone). 


The above was written and composed by KOGWUONYE PATRICK ONYEKA






52 thoughts on “PATRICK QUOTES 2018

  1. All of the quotes are really good. The one that spoke to me was “Respect is Reciprocal.”

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    1. Thanks for the comment ……..happy new year

      Yes that is it… Respect is reciprocal…….

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        1. You are welcome…

          Which other quote touch you apart from that one


          1. Kindness and how it is about giving but also being there for others.

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            1. Nice one….i guess you making my nee year ok

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                1. Ok…how is the celebration going in your area


                  1. It is about 8:30 pm here. We have over a foot of snow. People have been lighting fireworks. What are the festivities like where you are?

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                    1. Firework…..sounds like boooommmmmmm……all over the place…….eating drinking noisy place……..songs …dancing …….lol..zzzz

                      New year is fun here


            2. I get you ……

              Been my personal quote for2018

              Kind of happy am in 2018


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  2. My dear friend , i am nominating you for a Liebster award . Kindly acknowlwdge and accept. Cheers.

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    1. Wow..thanks dear for the nomination i just received by you….i really appreciate what you did.
      I have been looking forward to it all this while

      You have made my new year a great one…..never forget you kinf gesture toward me

      Again ….more cheers…………

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      1. You are most welcome,
        New year bestow happiness and encourage you to share more post with all of us.

        You deserve it, as it came your way.
        Have a blessed year 😄🤗

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        1. Am very happy you nominated me for such award…..

          What prompted you to do such?

          Please tell me…..because i see a blessing on the first day of the year..for such award

          Thanks alot reemasandhu


          1. Hi dear friend,

            I am glad you are happy being nominated as you deserve it.

            I view your blog , it is having potential to share more post with everyone.

            You have to nominated another 11 new bloggers whom you feel deserve to be awarded.

            You have to acknowledge the receive of award and reply all the question.

            Hope you feel the blessing at your door of 2018 on the first day itself.

            Wish you good luck.


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            1. Am.happy for that.. You are the first that made my year cool as a bloger
              Been nominted i feel happy


              1. I am glad to see your happiness,
                God bless 😄

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                1. Thanks…you gravatar is quite funny……

                  Why use it…..why not your face….



                  1. I feel happy using it,
                    I like drawing and making comic stories

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                    1. Really….i need to know you more than this….

                      How do we go do it


                    2. I create my drawing,
                      As well created colouring book of floral designs 😄

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                    3. How do we reach each other…..can i reach you on hangout.

                      So we talk about the art work on your gravatar….

                      Saying it here kind of exposure….

                      Please my friend


        2. Am still surprise..what are really the benifit of the award……just asking…lolxxxxxxx


          1. I believe it was chosen for you,
            Please acknowledge and receive the award by answering the question and nominating 11 other bloggers who you believe deserve to move ahead.

            Thank you

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            1. I will try that now……just be busy..just receiving your mesaage now


                1. Ok…am just happy you made that for me….i will to do a former introduction to you….

                  Dnt know you been like a friend here….



                  1. Thank you so much,
                    So glad you are happy and acknowledged the award.

                    Be blessed always

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                    1. Thanks dear….what your kind of person


                    2. Feel free, your blog deserve it

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                    3. Am happy… You did it for me


                    4. Ok… is your day going now


                    5. Very well,
                      Hope you are doing good.

                      I use mainly wordpress no other apps for hosting or others .

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                    6. I know…i can see that


                    7. Check my latest post on procrasination ….


    2. Again thanks…i will keep thanking you…you made me a bit mind relief about my posting…


      1. Very nice please share with us more encouraging post 😄
        You are most welcome

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        1. Really…i feel tired now…..

          I may post tomorrow…am kind of weak today


            1. Yeah…..what about you…
              What is your next write up…can we do collabo


              1. I didnt understand 🤔

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                1. Not seen any update from your blog


                  1. Yes i will be doing shortly

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                    1. Just be concern to see you blog post


  3. Great quotes!! Check out my new post!! Follow for a Follow!!

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    1. I will check it now…thanks for the comment…those are my quote this year


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