Good day everyone…..

Today I have decided to share some of the inspirational quotes that keeps me going and motivated. A lot of us have different quotation or sayings either written by others or composed by us.

Below are 7 different quotes composed by me. I hope it speaks to you the same way it does to me.

P– Positive thinking brings good thoughts about who you are.

Patience is all about waiting for the right time


A-Attitude tells you who you  are, at first sight and impression on people


T-Truthful and be trustworthy bring more friends to you


R-respect is reciprocal.


I-Idealistic and intelligent people have ways of planning and they approach are different  from others.


C-Courage give you the inner strength to do extraordinary things.

Cool people have reason not to talk much but always fear them


K-Knowledge about a thing make you above others by one step.

Kindness is not only about giving but been there for people also.


One day, I would take each quote and analyze them….Tell me which quote spoke to you the more…. And how it did. I would also like you to share your own favorite quote (either by you or by anyone). 


The above was written and composed by KOGWUONYE PATRICK ONYEKA






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