It has been a very long and interesting year for me. At the same time it has been really rough, way below my expectations. New Year resolutions are something I don’t do. I just go with being myself. I however set goals I would love to accomplish by the end of the year.

2017 started on a very high note for me.

I mean, I was 26 going on 27 and I had just resume school for the remaining part of my MASTERS program. I had the plans to start up a little teaching work to support the stipends which my parents do send for me. I was receiving from them but I kept postponing the search for a teaching job in Benin.

The year started out slowly. I went back to school for the remaining part of my MASTERS program. I had a goal to graduate with an average result. Average, because my reading and preparation sucked already. I tried to focus on my books. I really did try with the help of prayers and morning mass attendance.

My social life has sucked that period from Janaury-April. I was indoors all through and my tolerance for social gatherings had reduced to 0%. I guess as I come of age, I realize that crowds don’t really matter; just a little circle is what I need. Instead of going out for party at night I should better stuck in my bed, read all over my books.

My romantic life has been the same old tale after coming out from the relationship that nearly made me to be addicted to hard drugs, which had a negative impact on my body and my kind of person.

During the month of January I meet a love through Facebook, very nice and ok. We just lasted for only 5 months, she cut it off guess what because “I was cool”.

February was not left out, it’s the month of LOVE, I just had to keep on a shelf this thing called a love life, on Valentine’s Day, just went to my classmate house and spend the night there, and over the night I keep repeating all over to myself, “I love me, I love me”. At least if I don’t love any I should love myself.

My birthday month was coming soon, my birthday was not celebrated. I didn’t let my friends know until the last minute. The plan was to travel with them and have fun. But no cash on me that period, I was dead broke. So I forfeit the celebration.

Sitting on my bed that night, I realized I didn’t give a shit about my friends. It was my birthday and I wasn’t going to celebrate it. It was just one day, I quickly put together myself that night, imagination and thinking came through, if I had known I would have used the money I wasted to MMM  to make plans for my birthday celebration. But I guess its part of the growing process, we make mistakes and learn from them.

During that month march, I lost my phone which I used for my posting and write-up, were I went to get snack. Very painful that period, but it brought blessing on me, in the sense that I was less distracted without the phone.

During the month of April, I got the shock of my life as the devil threw its best shot, I lost my class mate PROVIDE EJIME to the cold hands of death 5days before Easter Sunday

Mid 2017 May to be precise, we started plans ‎for the big UNIBEN masters exams which I have been  hoping and preparing  for, we started on 8th May -30th May2017

Well, I dealt with it with the little I know, I left the rest for GOD to take control, we were waiting for the  result, took 2 months for the result to be pasted on the notice board

BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, the result was out, 1st august 2017, mine was texted to me by my friend Elvis. My mood that day was super high!!!!!!!

I made it to the PROCEED PROJECT level.

It was not easy for me, I had to make plans for my project, I needed a laptop and a phone, and also I needed to update my site posting as soon as possible since I posted like 7months back, because of MASTERS program schedule.

In the month of September, I was able to get laptop and phone, I was overjoyed, at last an achievement has been made for that year, and it wasn’t easy on me.

September, October, November was all about hustling for my school fees and my project fee, not easy, but I have to do it.

Financially, I have wasted cash from September-Decemeber. I wish I had saved more, instead of just spending. I wasted on food and transport and I don’t even know whether the food  entered this my small body….lolzzzzzzzzxx. I spent a lot on things that yielded no fruit.

November love was not left over, I found a flower and she is ok. But money demanding, yes money demanding I mean it.

December came again, the season of Christmas, all plans for that day was been made, that month I found another flower, wow, she was appealing and cool.

The year comes to an end in a couple of days and if I were to ask myself what I have accomplished this year, I might say a little something but I needed more things to accomplish. But at times, we don’t see what’s headed our way, I still give GOD the glory for the little effort I made this year.

I have watched myself grow so much, and it still surprises me how I have gotten this far with so little. Yes, my self-journey is the only thing I can give it to this year 2017.

And now, I can say there have been ups, downs, regrets and thanksgiving for 2017.

What I have learnt in 2017 is “PEACE AND LOVE(PAL).

I’m really glad to see 2017 go, it was slow and quite depressing.

My hope for 2018? Badass hustling!! Hustling to pay for my school fee and project fee, isn’t a joke. Need to put my head down and get a good hustling spirit. Also, I need more mind strengthening and mind focusing.

Merry Christmas PATRICKREALSTORIES and the wonderful blog visitors, viewers and commenters.

I’m grateful to God for a wonderful 2017 and a much better 2018 ahead.


2018 is going to be a great year… Hopefully





Written by:

Kogwuonye Patrick Onyeka




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