He is an atheist. He just don’t believe in the existence of a supreme being. He always perplexed when people scream Blood of Jesus hoping for some sort of quick divine intercession to their distress.

Much like screaming Barack Obama or Donald Trump when faced with a sudden problem. He returned from work late that Friday. It was one of those days the traffic appeared, all the vehicles were struck together making it not easy for vehicle to pass.

It was 15 minutes past 8 when he finally entered the compound. The stairs were thickly dark as usual. The electricity authority didn’t give power at that point. He was furious.

At the bottom of the stairs, he reached into his pocket and brought out his phone. He turned the torch on and started climbing the steps, one after the other foot. Halfway the stairs, the phone’s light started to misbehave. He checked it; nothing appeared wrong and strange.

The next minute the phone died. The screen just turned blank black. He pressed and pressed on the red button, trying to get it on again, but no success.

Now scary. Alone in the darkness, he managed his way up the stairs. The hallway appeared even darker. Something ran through his feet and he turned suddenly. But he saw nothing. A rat obviously he said in his mind.

At his door, he put the phone back into his pocket and brought out his keys. Trying to slot in the key, the whole bunch slipped and fell. Shit! He shouted, he bent to the floor, trying around to pick it.

He notice a whistled wind past his head. He turned and for a tiny, terrifying second thought he saw something “A human figure” clothed in white. “A ghost” his breathing became faster. Only six days ago, a neighbor had died from a road accident. And he owed her $100

Luckily, his fingers finally touched the keys and he quickly picked it up. He slotted the right key into the hole and pushed the door open. He was greeted by this great darkness. He was still trying to adjust his eyes to the blackness when suddenly, out of the dense darkness, he heard a meow!

A cat in my room!

‘Blood of Jesus save me!’ He screamed.






Written by:

Kogwuonye Patrick Onyeka


University of Benin




      1. The most awesome God … who created absolutely everything… everything … everything… created not only them … but also their right to believe what they will… and He loves them too:)… that is my view of the atheist:)

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      1. They are free to choose but should know how to respect others’ choices. 😊 And these things should never come up as an obstacle in any relationship. Its all for the peace of souls ✨

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      1. As a Catholic I have always been aware of Love with a capital L. God loves me, I love God, we all love each other – LOVE is the thing! So trying to understand a reality where my source of Love does not exist is difficult for me

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  1. congratulations on your successful post. I see that you have a lot of comments. And that is a good sign of a healthy blog. Thank you for following my blog. I hope that you will add comments and feedback so that I get to know you. I hope that you will also investigate some of the categories that I have created. Happy New Year

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    1. I will be happy to follow you also….happy new to you also..

      Not easy chating all day long…have been busy responding to chat……

      I can give you my facebook or hangout or whatsapp ..if you really want to know me well …

      Thanks again for commenting


      1. I understand why many people believe that God is undefinable, but I find it hard to understand how they can believe there is nothing beyond what we see. I am not tied to God having to be a being like a human, but I’m not personally able to dismiss experiences I’ve had that make me think and feel that there is a larger power and purpose. I’ve been through a long journey from strict religious beliefs to much questioning and then finding peace with my life and views. I’m very changed from my original views so I’m comfortable to accept anyone in any stage of belief or disbelief in God or the gods. I’m always interested to hear different views and what others have seen and felt in their spiritual experience and/or seeking for intellectual answers of meaning and purpose. I think belief of any kind is a journey and is very much learning about yourself. I think it’s about discovering what you truly believe by the choices you make, rather than deciding what to believe and then trying to act accordingly. When you live, you naturally illustrate your beliefs…like showed rather humorously in your story.
        I know I’m not an atheist because I do and feel things that contradict that belief. But I’m not concerned about atheists ‘in society’ because there are all beliefs in society whether I consider them or not. I can only create my own space for my own beliefs and illustrate those with those that I meet in my little corner of existing. The atheists I’ve met challenge and interest me. They also seem to be challenged and interested by me. I think that interaction is a good and healthy thing for both of our life journeys.
        I hope that wasn’t too much. 🙂 To me that wasn’t exactly a simple question…Though it is a most basic one in my life. Thanks for asking!

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        1. I kind of understand you…
          Is based in human difference and belief.
          How you feel the world around you…
          My point is that..they do not believe anything at all…..
          If they do not…who created the earth and the moon sun and animals

          So for me its human difference…all fingers are not equal

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          1. Those I have know who are atheist believe everything on earth came about by science. We can ask them, but who made the science? and they can ask us, but who made God? In the end, the deepest origins are unknown except in our minds and spirits and what we come to believe though unseen.

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      1. I believe in God. As someone had said earlier in the comment section something that is beyond your senses can’t be declared as untrue.

        An atheist at one point of time will change his mind is what I think.

        Write more stories!

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        1. True. The Best Physics can do is determine the existence of matter, though this stuff in itself apart from the forms it assumes can’t be perceived by the senses. Biology could declare the existence of cells, but only with the help of a microscope. Cells or even molecules are beyond the reach of the naked eye and, of course, our nostrils. God transcends the physical universe, so natural science isn’t the means by which to prove His existence. Yet, there could be no science if God didn’t exist, for the physical order of our universe and planet would then be entirely unintelligible. It takes intelligence to comprehend what only an intelligent mind can produce. Matter is mindless, so it can’t be the First Cause of all physical and mental existence. For anything to cause something, it must impart an essential attribute of itself. This is a self-evident truth in the science of physics, Thus, matter isn’t the First Cause of human existence, since we homosapiens possess a mind which, by the way, lies beyond the reach of physical sense, for it doesn’t have mass and occupy space – just as God doesn’t.

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      2. That’s just it. Even the atheist at some point in their life will exclaim, “Oh, My God!” When someone once said to me, “Oh, my God! How could you?”, after I did something alarming, I replied, “My name’s Alex.”

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              1. For those who are interested, I recommend the book ‘Who Designed the Designer? A Rediscovered Path to God’s Existence’, by Michael Augros, PHD, available at Ignatius Press. The author reveals how simple everyday experiences with operations in the natural world point to a First Cause and how it can’t be primal matter. Most thoughtful atheists do believe in a first cause, only it isn’t God. Here’s a sample:

                Deduction 1 (Chapter 1)

                If caused causes (which includes matter and energy, my emphasis) could exist without a first cause, they would constitute a middle with nothing before it.

                But it is impossible for there to be a middle with nothing before it (i.e., a link of boxcars in a moving train between the locomotive and the caboose. Each boxcar is moved by what comes before it )

                Therefore, caused causes cannot exist without a first cause (the locomotive engine).

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  2. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my post,i appreciate that very much.

    I will love to ask you a simple question base on my post.
    What is you contribution about this post?

    What your view about atheist and the world?

    Thanks again for reading this post up to the end. I guess you find it interesting.

    Peace and Love

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