Karma, Nature’s most consistent employee

Karma brings consequences without notifications like Facebook or instagram or whatsapp…lol

Kill your conscience, murder happiness, do wickedness and then flee?

Within a seconds karma can destroy some fortune and all will be lost.

This karma doesn’t let go, run to the mountains or the high seas.

Karma watches, Karma sees, Karma’s memory’s not measured in gigabytes.

Does Karma have a place, avenue, street, lose, address, Office? None of those,

How then do we see karma to appease?

Karma’s never forgetting, Karma’s unforgiving

What goes around neither gets away nor goes forgotten? That is karma

Someday, somehow, somewhere, Karma’s going to come at your door knocking.

So karma is real.








Written by:

Kogwuonye Patrick Onyeka


University of Benin





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