People go through malls to admire the beautiful architecture but on their way, they ignore the beautiful works of nature. See how people flood Dubai to check out a huge aquarium?

Nobody notices the Hibiscus, or the little flowers around the environment.



As a child back then i notice the blue and white cloud in the sky that fades here and there. The people who see don’t see much.


The combination of colours from everywhere about the environment was natural. The people who see don’t see much.

Remember going out in the bush to hunt and again seeing tiny green leaves with pink-red flowers.

images (1)images (2)

I don’t know if they’re still there but back then I seemed to be the only one who noticed them. I remember wondering how the rainbow is been formed in the cloud and the colour it comprises of, while looking up. But I guess many “who see don’t see much”.


I later developed a neck problem from staring up at the stars too much at night through my window.


Nature is that captivating! But I guess many “who see don’t see much”.

Remember the days of hunting and catching insects at the field, I would go for a walk in the bushes and take pictures of grasshoppers, flowers, leaves with my newly bought phone.

Every six-o-five in the evenings I would step out to watch the sunset that lasted till around six forty at the bank of the river close to my house. The people who see don’t see much.

images (7)

During Geological field trips I took more photos of the moutains around us.

I usually then wondered how someone would just walk past a huge nature of mountains  and  not say out loud “that is beautiful!”.

How is it possible to walk for hours through a forest and see nothing worthy of note?

How come the people who see don’t see much?
It would be too bad if a few seconds to dying one realizes they actually haven’t seen much.

Here is my question for you: how was your childhood memories about natures?







Written by:

Kogwuonye Patrick Onyeka


University of Benin





  1. Beautiful post and photos indeed! Well written and put together my friend!! 🍃✨🐚….I love nature! As a kid I would go outdoors and look at the insects and watch how they lived and work in their own little ways God made them to live. I just love his grandeur so much!

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  2. Patrick,

    Thank you for sharing this it’s how I always feel and I guess to you at 43 I am probably old, we were extremely lucky if we had a camera for our school trips and there was no such things as mobile phones until the late 1980s. I didn’t get a mobile until I moved away from home around the early 90s. I lived in the smallest city in the UK (St David’s) we had rocks to climb, beaches to run around in and a valley to explore. As kids we knew the names of trees and could identify them by their leaves and seeds. We knew the names of the rock formations and the course of our little rivers. I’ve moved but my brothers are still near there – their kids do not know how to do what we did. They do not build little dens in the woods or go fishing for newts and tadpoles to nurture at home – all they have is their heads and eyes in the iPad or phone. Many people no longer see what is to be seen. It’s so sad as many people who want to see what can be seen are no longer well enough to see – exactly what you say. Many people no longer hear the sound of the ocean, the sound of the birds, the wind, the rain, the insects. I could go on, but I thankfully you and your lovely readers here have made me happy by your memories. The best thing we can do (if we choose or are able to) is to take just ten minutes (more if we can) a day and use our five senses to learn and love our natural world. It’s 2°c here today in Wales, but the sparrows and robin are signing in the garden. How different would the world be if everyday we got up and sang for ten minutes in the garden? Xx

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    • I believe in my little ways i have inspire you alot.. Just now am surprise you did thisl enthty comment on it

      Wow……am happy and cool now… made a day with this lengthy comment ….

      Thanks for the comment….
      Now i know why your blog is livepositivelyblogblog……lol
      Thanks alot dear

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  3. Great post, Patrick. Nature was the most important thing to me when I was a child: I spent as much time exploring the woods as I could. I think the world would be a much different place if more people took the time to realize the beauty that is around them.

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    • That is true mr josh …. Me seeing nature back then as a kid was always making me have this inner PEACE and a little way of showing LOVE to prople around me.

      Nature has a naturally way of making people fall in love with it…the mountain.rock sunset sunrise..bird sound ..insect sound and many………….
      Thanks again for your comment mr josh

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  4. From the time I was little more than a toddler, I found myself wandering about the forest around my house. When we moved, I began walking up to the top of this or that hill, or watching the horses, on neighbouring farms. As an adult, I also observe the clouds, the flowers, trees, animals- and, yes, the stars at night.

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  5. This really resonates with me. I was always the kind of person who noticed things, took the time to stop and really look at things; but as I lose my vision, I actually seem to see more. I live in a city where almost everyone has a car, but I love that I have to walk everywhere because it allows me to really look at the city around me, in all of its crazy, messy truth.

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  6. Being a nemophilist I’ve always adorn and embraced nature… Sunsets are the best part of the day!

    Your post are really great as they have a sense of belongingness.. something which connect us with your writings.. keep writing! ✨👍

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  7. I’m so glad you found my blog because now I’ve found yours. Very cool!! I grew up on a hobby farm. I remember the yellow wild flowers in spring covered in bees. I remember the massive tree in our front paddock that I named Terribithia that I climbed up until I left home. Like you I star gazed nightly but in summer, if the mosquitoes weren’t eating me alive, I’d sometimes sleep outside on my trampoline just so I could watch the falling stars. Thank you for helping me remember this!

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    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my post,i appreciate that very much.

      Your start up of the comment is very awesome as I write””I’m so glad you found my blog because now I’ve found yours.””””

      Am happy you love and like my post. Am still glad I read your and am replying to it.

      Am a good fan of such childhood experience as you stated above”””I remember the yellow wild flowers in spring covered in bees. I remember the massive tree in our front paddock”””

      Wow. I love the last statement in your comment as I quote “””Like you I star gazed nightly but in summer, if the mosquitoes weren’t eating me alive, I’d sometimes sleep outside on my trampoline just so I could watch the falling stars.””””

      Lastly, mosquito was quite bad during the rainy season. I hardly find it hard to sleep outside instead I stay close to my window, listening to the sound of insects and viewing the dark bushes and tree at night. I still love that gazing to the star,moon rise and moon set at night. I enjoyed such, during my childhood.

      Am in a better position to say “”Thank you for helping me remember this!”””

      Am feeling happy now…….. Lol 😂 😂 😂

      Thank you so much for taking time to read and comment on it.
      I hope you come back again.


      Peace and Love


    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my post,i appreciate that very much.

      Hope you find your childhood interesting.
      What did you do during your childhood?

      Thanks again for reading this post up to the end. I guess you find it interesting.

      Peace and Love


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