Every year, I would always wait for my birthday. I was someone who would count the calls, messages, birthday posts I would receive from friends and feel happy about it.

This time, this year I turned +1. I decided to do something different. I decided to do things in a solo way, something I had not done before.

What did I do today been my birthday?

Posted my birthday wishes and pictures on WordPress also. Around 12:02am

Woke up, the first message was from my fellow blogger honey8, she sent it to my hangout.

Posting of my birthday wishes on Facebook around 6:00 am, I guess I got commenters also. I was feeling happy also.

Log in to my site , I was getting enough notifications on my site and I checked it and I was able to get good numbers of likes, views and comments

Make a good call to my mum, she gave me her blessings that day.

Did some house chores while playing my favourite rap music, making sure all is cool and also my house is neat?

After that made little preparation for my breakfast and my lunch also. I also played my favourite rap music as I prepared what to eat.

Got freshened inside the bathroom, was cool singing and shouting in the bathroom. After coming out of the bathroom, took my breakfast with pleasure and happiness in me.

Settle down, watch  4 latest movies like BLACK PANTHER. Quite interesting.  I was exhausted, I have to take a deep sleep. Dreaming.

When I woke up, I did little refreshing, later today, I went for a short walk by myself late in the evening, to see my neigbour. From there, I took a taxi and went off to a nearby eatery and it’s a bit cool.

I took my phone to keep me company and also to reply my friends. Somewhere inside the taxi I received messages from people who remembered my birthday. I also received message from my Facebook contacts and Whatsapp

Had dinner with my friends when I came back to my house, was fun seeing them around.

What next: Explored WordPress   for 3 hours. Later that evening also, I replied all my message that was send to me today on my site. Such am inspiring message. It did feel great – both the spending time by myself and the calls/messages that flooded my phone made me happy. This is where I had been to be at peace with myself:

After much replies and views I Became tired.  Slept off within a minute.

This was actually the best birthday I have ever celebrated. No party stuff. It was just as simple as any other day for me.

I guess my birthday celebration is best in its own ways.Today was all about


Written by:

Kogwuonye Patrick Onyeka


University of Benin













  1. Happy birthday, Pieces. and nice meeting you here. Just yesterday my daughter and I went to see Black Panther but were turned away bc we bought the tickets to wrong movie theater 🙂 Still on my to-do list. Have a wonderful 2018 year. I love your message-spread the love and peace. So sweet.

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