What is positive thinking?

Positive thinking is a mental attitude in which you expect good and favorable results. In other words, positive thinking is the process of creating thoughts that create and transform energy into reality. A positive mind waits for happiness, health and a happy ending in any situation.


Changing everything you’ve learned in a life is not easy, imposing a positive thinking starting today will attract positive things in your life. To change these negative patterns I recommend these exercises and practices. For me personally these are what I practice towards having a positive thinking. The list are;

  1. Use positive words when talking.
  2. Remove all the feelings that are not positive!
  3. Use words that evoke strength and success
  4. Practice positive affirmations
  5. Redirect your thoughts
  6. Start thinking you will succeed
  7. Analyze what went wrong.
  8. Forgive yourself
  9. Think of a failure as an opportunity.
    1. USE POSITIVE WORDS WHEN TALKING –If you constantly say “I cannot” you could convince yourself that it’s true. Replace negative words with positive ones. Tell yourself that you do everything possible to have a happy relationship, tell yourself that you do everything possible to have a brilliant career, tell yourself that you do everything possible to keep you in shape.
    2. REMOVE ALL THE FEELINGS THAT ARE NOT POSITIVE – Do not let negative thoughts and feelings conquer when you have a bad mood. Even if for a few hours a day, remove negativity and focus on the positive things in your life.
    3. USE WORDS THAT EVOKE STRENGTH AND SUCCESS – Fill your thoughts with words that make you feel strong, happy, having control over your life. Make an effort to focus on these words rather than the ones that suggest failure or incompetence.


    1. PRACTICE POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS – One of the most common exercises for a positive thinking is positive affirmation. What does that mean? Start repeating a positive phrase like “I deserve to be happy” or “I deserve to be loved ”  Believing that these statements are true and repeating them always will impose a more positive opinion about your life.
    2. REDIRECT YOUR THOUGHTS – This method used by psychotherapists helps you control your thoughts when you start to feel negative emotions like depression or anxiety. How can you do that? When you feel such emotion taking hold on you start generating a happy mind, a positive image, something that makes you feel better to keep your negative feelings under control.
    3. START THINKING YOU WILL SUCCEED – Nothing compares with self confidence that creates a successful reality. Put your doubts aside and believe that you will succeed in meeting the objectives.


    1. ANALYZE WHAT WENT WRONG – Positive thinking is not about denying that nothing can go wrong. Instead take the time to see what went wrong and what led to the current situation in order to avoid future mistakes and look forward more positive.
    2. FORGIVE YOURSELF – Always arguing for things that went wrong will not change anything. Tell yourself you are forgiven and it allow you to move on.
    3. THINK OF A FAILURE AS AN OPPORTUNITY Sometimes the most negative things in our lives give us opportunities that we may not have seen otherwise. For example losing your job can be a good opportunity to open your own business or head for a better well paid job than the former.



Over the years I’ve done a lot of research on the positive effects of being positive and the negative effects of being negative. The research is clear. It really does pay to be positive and the advantages include;

  • enhanced health and longevity
  • happiness
  • career advancement
  • team building
  • Financial success

Being positive is not just a nice way to live. It’s the way to live.  Here are my own personal research on 10 advantages of being positive.

    1. Positive People Live Longer – In a study of nuns, those that regularly expressed positive emotions lived on average 10 years longer. (The Nun Study)
    2. Positive people who regularly express positive emotions are more resilient when facing stress, challenges and adversity. (Several Studies)
    3. Positive thoughts and emotions counter the negative effects of stress. For example, you can’t be thankful and stressed at the same time. (Several Studies)
    4. Positive and popular leaders are more likely to garner the support of others and receive pay raises and promotions and achieve greater success in the workplace. (Several Studies)
    5. Positive people have more friends which is a key factor of happiness and longevity.
    6. Positive work environments outperform negative work environments
    7. Positive, optimistic sales people sell more than pessimistic sales people.
    8. Positive leaders are able to make better decisions under pressure.
    9. Positive people are able to maintain a broader perspective and see the big picture which helps them identify solutions whereas negative people maintain a narrower perspective and tend to focus on problems.
    10. Positive emotions such as gratitude and appreciation help athletes perform at a higher level.



Over the years I’ve done a lot of research on the positive thinking, I have being able to bring out 6 ways I train my mind on positive thinking.

  1. Meditate
  2. Be Thankful
  3. Be Kind
  4. Take Time for Yourself
  5. Stress less / avoid stress
  6. Talk  to Yourself

    Meditating might just be the best way to clear negativity from your life and bring about emotional and physical recovery. Meditation rejuvenates the mind, it get rids the body of harmful chemicals that cause stress and anxiety. Think of it this way: if your mind is wired to be miserable, meditation would be the reset button that allows you to unplug, switch off, and tune out. Then, you can easily learn, through meditation, to turn your brain back on and tune into positive thinking frequencies. After this, you’ll be left with a clean slate and a refreshed perspective.  


    Research studies have proven that gratitude makes us happier. Gratitude or be thankful invokes the law of attraction. Remember, like attracts like. If you make an effort to be grateful, you will find that you will be blessed with more things to be grateful for. A fantastic way to practice gratitude is to keep a gratitude journal. Every night before you to go to sleep, list everything you were grateful for throughout the day. Over time, you will see your lists become much longer! Having a gratitude attitude is really using the power of positive thinking to its highest degree.

  3. BE KIND –

    Kindness has also been proven to make us happier and less stressed. Studies have also proven, time and time again, that kindness is attract a lot of favour. If someone is kind to you, you will be inspired to pay it forward, and the person who receives your kindness will feel the same, so on and so forth.Kindness also inspires gratitude and makes us more inclined to be grateful, so if you are truly struggling with positive thinking and finding something to be thankful for, do a good deed for someone else — you will notice immediately how great it makes you feel. Positive thoughts with kindness.


    If you plan certain days or times just for pure pleasure, you will begin to look forward to those moments and the thought about it is already a positive thinking. Are you setting time aside to focus on your hobbies and passions? Again, remember the law of attraction — like attracts like.


    Stress is usually the sole cause of everything that goes wrong in our lives, and as with emotional distress, it is usually self- inflicted. Imagine stress as fire, and all other negative and unhealthy conditions such as sadness, anger, sleeplessness, depression, anxiety, and addiction as the smoke. If you work too hard, you will be unhealthy. If you sleep too little, you will be exhausted. So why not get rid yourself of most negativity by just choosing to relax and avoiding any stressful activities. Drink plenty of water, eat balanced meals, exercise, meditate, and enforce a rigid sleep routine on yourself. When stress leaves your body, your cells regenerate more efficiently. Less stress is literally more healing. Positive thoughts with self-love.


    Tell yourself at least once a day that you are beautiful, talented, or just plain awesome. Do this for a while and you will come to believe it. For example, the next time something goes wrong, instead of telling yourself “This is bad,” instead say stuff like this, “I can handle this” or “I will be okay.”  Be your biggest fan!!!! What you tell yourself, you will believe.


 If you’re having trouble coming up with positive thinking or you just like to hear a different perspective on positive thinking, you might find some quotes helpful. These quotes are gotten from popular people around the world. The list are;

    1. Norman Cousins: “Optimism doesn’t wait on facts. It deals with prospects.”

    2. Noam Chomsky: “Optimism is a strategy for making a better future. Because unless you believe that the future can be better, you are unlikely to step up and take responsibility for making it so.”

    3. Harvey Mackay: “An optimist understands that life can be a bumpy road, but at least it is leading somewhere. They learn from mistakes and failures, and are not afraid to fail again. ”

    1. John Wooden:“Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out.”

    2. Robert H. Schuller: “Optimism refuses to believe that the road ends without options.”

    1. Wayne W. Dyer: “What is hope but a feeling of optimism, a thought that says things will improve, it won’t always be bleak [and] there’s a way to rise above the present circumstances.”

    2. Winston Churchill: “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”

    3. Martin Luther: “Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.”

    1. Norman Vincent Peale: “Change your thoughts and you can change your world.”

    1. Alice Walker : “The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.”

    2. Rachel Hollis : “You, and only you, are ultimately responsible for who you become and how happy you are.”

  1. Mary Engelbreit: “If you don’t like something, change it; if you can’t change it, change the way you think about it.”

  2. Benjamin Disraeli: “Nurture your mind with great thoughts, for you will never go any higher than you think.”

  3. William James: “Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact.”

  4. Joseph Campbell: “Find a place inside where there’s joy, and the joy will burn out the pain.”

I will like to ask a simple question  for my fellow readers and viewers.

1. What is your own views and contributions on this articles?

2. What are your way of having a positive thoughts?

3. Can you give me example of your own definition of positive thinking?

4. Do you think in a positive direction in your way of life? 

Please let me know all your reactions, views and insights in the comment box below!

Written by:

Kogwuonye Patrick Onyeka


University of Benin


    • Thanks for the comment.

      Some questions put to you here in the post where not answered.

      I will like to ask a simple question for my fellow readers and viewers.

      1. What is your own views and contributions on this articles?

      2. What are your way of having a positive thoughts?

      3. Can you give me example of your own definition of positive thinking?

      4. Do you think in a positive direction in your way of life?

      Please let me know all your reactions, views and insights in the comment box below!

      You are welcome

      Peace ✌and Love ❤


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