Woman passed through many problems, obstacles and barriers to become an important member in the society. In the past, woman did not have any kinds of rights, she was isolated, neglected and mistreated by man. By the coming of Feminism, the profile and the image woman have changed completely and from being a poppet in the hands of man she becomes a queen, president, artist and teacher.

Nowadays, all the decisions made in the world (economical, social, political and educational) are made by both man and woman in an equal way but this was not so before. Woman through all this time tried to look for her rights by all the means and thanks to the idea of Feminism that helped her to be a partner in all the domains of society. The social and the political rights for woman were always in the top of Feminism demands.

Here feminism have several impact on women in the following areas/sectors:

  1. Education
  2. Health
  3. Economics
  4. Politics

Women were kept away from learning and education because knowledge would make them question the idea of the conventions and beliefs, which held them in their place; and it would show them how to achieve their freedom, and might even encourage them to assume leadership.

Therefore, Feminist researchers and writers emphasize on the importance of education in woman’s life like Mary Wollstonecraft  who paved the way to other Feminists to look for equal opportunities for both girls and boys in learning. Educating men and women is a key to economic-social growth and development in all countries.

Raising the education levels and literacy rates of women is one of the most effective investments for increasing female productivity. In some areas where women are becoming more educated than men, the challenge is making better use of women’s qualifications.

In developing countries like Nigeria to be precise, making gender equality in primary and secondary education is essential in reducing poverty and accelerating economic development. In all over the world governments started to realize the importance and the necessity of educating females not only for her benefits but also for the development of society in all the domains.

Finally, Education should be considered as important as voting and working and should be in the priority of all the governments because teaching fits them to be good mothers and helpful citizens.


The importance of health for a woman is very important. Health goes a long way in their physical, psychological and emotional aspect of life.  Like the saying “health is wealth”.

Feminism from the beginning was calling for the importance of taking care of woman not just by giving her jobs or letting her vote but also by giving her health a priority since she has the most sensitive and fragile body structure in addition the pregnancy and other mother activities.

In order to give high-quality health care, governments need to adopt a gender point of view based on the physical differences of men and women. The costs of preventing and treating disease and ill health in men and women differ over their lifetimes.

Again in terms of work issues, the health consequences of discrimination and violence against women need special attention because this may affect their physical, psychological and emotional wellbeing. Finally, women are more interested in health more than men are.


Women are participating in many fields, including economics in which the female employment rate is rising.

During the 19th century, women used to work 12hours a day with a very low salary whereas men worked only 6 hours. As a result, feminists refused this segregation and started to ask for more equality in working conditions by forming organizations and Institutions for woman workers.

By the end the19th century, legislations started to lower the barriers facing women in the participating in workplace by giving better work conditions with less time and better salary.

In her book “Women and Economics”, Gilman mentioned that humans are the only species in which the female has to depend on the male for survival this why she was asking women change their cultural identities and to be independent.

In addition, women who sacrifice to be nurturers and educators will produce better children. Charlotte Perkins Gilman believes that others can assist with these tasks or even do them more effectively. She was one of the first to propose the professionalization of housework, encouraging women to hire housekeepers and cooks to release them from housework. This would allow women to participate in the workforce and lead a more worldly life.

 Charlotte Perkins Gilman believed that women could desire home and family life, but should not have to retain complete responsibility of these areas and she stated that these changes would eventually result in better motherhood and fatherhood, better babyhood and childhood, better food, better homes, better society.


In this context, it is difficult in many societies to make women become the same as man in the duties and rights because people still believe in the old stereotypes about women. When speaking about woman representation in the political fields one can say that it improving in comparison with the last years. Woman now is occupying all the domains and all the positions especially in politics. She is now a president, minister, diplomatic and parliament member.

Ensuring women’s equal participation in the decision-making structures in politics is another way of promoting gender equality within them.

When speaking about woman’s role and position in any country we will find that woman is always in the second position after man. Decades before, woman was not allowed to participate in any social, political and religious ceremonies in her society and she was under the total control of man (as father, husband and brother). In all the means, woman was just a servant in the house; her only job was only to clean, cook and rise children.

Woman participation average in the political field is increasing and many countries and governments are encouraging woman to be a part of the political activities like voting for example. Today, she is an important member in her society not just as a wife or mother but also as a leader, minister and as a president.

Finally, research and studied made in many countries in the world shows that women tend to be deeply committed to peace-building during a negotiating table. In addition, women often believe in giving second chances to people and they are more involved in social problems (family, woman and child care) more than any other thing. At the same time, researches proved that, even if woman are not interested in politics in a strong way but if they work in this fields they would be more effective than man.


The main conclusion drawn from this research is that the Feminist efforts were efficient in many ways in which they brought a huge change in the position and the role of woman. They were able to remove the majority if not all the stereotypical pictures and to give her more importance in the society by giving her the political, social and economical rights.

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