Three hand grab a mantle
A mantle hanging on the air
The best of all get hold of it
The mantle is so powerful

How long, will people wait
And continue to cry for the right person
The mantle have been in existence
Does this mantle know the right bearer

Will the politics of the day
Blind us to know the right mantle bearer
Will the politics of the day
Blind us to vote the right person

As i walk in my dream i saw
One who have an outstanding character
Who i saw as one holding the mantle
The older person gave the mantle to one who bear the name ROCK

As i woke up from the dream
I search for the name rock
It attributes described one who represent in the bible
” I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church”

Written by

Kogwuonye Patrick Onyeka


Face book pages:



1. The poem is about the dream i had yesterday and it does not have right statistics for the propose person to will. The dream might be ideal or real.

2. This poem is a personal reflection and a dream i had. Its not a prophecy of any kind. If it comes to past good for me and the country or if it does not come to past no problem. It just a DREAM.

Credited to :

Those who have waited for the mantle bearer to redeem the country called NIGERIA

Photo credit – samuel palmtri

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