Do you ever go through the contacts on your phone and wonder, “I am alone”. Does it ever worry you sometimes that, “what if i died, how fast would people get over me?” “Am i important to anyone?” Has it ever occurred to you, “What if i died right now, would anybody even notice?”

Well, My name is Joyce Carol Vincent and it happened to me. I died in my flat in London, sometime in 2003. It was a shelter for women who were victims of domestic violence. Nobody can say how i died. All they did was find my decomposed skeleton sitting in front of a tv that was still on. Apparently, i had been dead for three years and no one noticed. 

The neighbours, the electricity company, no one noticed. No one called back. No one visited in three years. No one thought me important enough to reach out to in three whole years. People say they found me with christmas presents beneath the now dusty tree. I had people in mind i suppose to give such gift.

I probably wanted to start life a new as the year drew to an end. Sadly, the only people who would ever see me, that night after i decided to sit in front of my television were the men who came to repossess my flat. 

My life had been rosy. Everyone identified me as a happy girl. They all say i was a striking beauty.

 The unique blend of indian and caribbean parents gave me an exotic and irresistible beauty. I was kind and loving they say. I didn’t drink or smoke.

So how did i go from that to dying unnoticed for three years. I dont know. Maybe i died of loneliness, shame or an overdose. Not even the detective can tell.

 My bones were far too degenerated. 

The story that led to the sad end of my life may never come to light but i hope it makes you think about yours. 

 Making and keeping friends is tough, you gotta keep trying. 

I guess i was too focused on looking happy not thinking of actually being happy. 

This is not a good way to die. 

This is a terrible way to be remembered. Maybe people expected me to be happy because it seemed like i had everything going for me. I cant say how i got here but this is it. Joyce is dead and gone. An unknown end to a girl who live once.

Her profile below

Written by 

Kogwuonye patrick onyeka


credited to:

Those who lost there loved once and cant find them.

#there is hope again


  1. This feels so real… I don’t have to look happy if I’m not truly happy.. If I’m sad I should let it out… Pretence can kill really fast and that corpse might just go unnoticed till maybe forever… Life 😔

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for the comment. I appreciate your time used in connecting the poem to the society.


      I will love to see you thoughtful reply and answer on the question put before you.

      Again thanks for the beautiful comment on my blog/post.

      Keep the vibes on.

      Peace ✌and Love ❤


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