The year is almost over, what are you grateful for?

Here is my reflection (a lesson for me and you) on this year:

In life, there is always a lesson somewhere in our mind but we haven’t spare the time to figure that out.

In this world, we’re just passing by, it’s only for a short period, Live it the best. “Live your life with “PEACE AND LOVE”, I bet you won’t remain the same.

If you feel useless, unloved, hated or disregarded, try to live through all those negatives and just grow up from them.

Its human nature to be surrounded by negativities, just try to grow up from them. Again, “If you try to live your life the best, I bet you won’t remain the same”

Everything in life for this year 2017 was a lesson for me. I always put that in my heart and head


During this year 2017, the people,the hate, the pain,the fearand tear, and the struggle, they are all lessons that I learnt from.

The people I love the most turned against me, left me alone.

And I get hurt for putting my trust in them.

Again, it’s human nature to get hurt. I just learnt from it. There’s nothing I can do about it, it just grow up and I learnt from everything this year 2017 day by day.

Pain will never stop, and so is your fear, this year I try to overcome every obstacle that tries to block my way and my path.

And one of the most important choice I will ever make for myself this year is to “keep walking to greatness” with that my simple slogan “PEACE AND LOVE”.

Every day was a lesson for me this year 2017. It’s your choice to either learn from it or let it hurt you with unending memories. Choose right and Stay strong.

For me ,this year 2017 was about all about




Pain and tears








But  two things was the best of all which supersede all was




To share your REFLECTION on the year 2017, please I need you comment on it. A nice and good comment will be publish by me. In reference to you name.

Dear readers! If my page (or website) ever inspires or you even get motivated by my thoughts (Articles). Feel free to share  to your friends and family. Help me share my words, help me make my words, my thoughts, reach through so many hearts around the globe. We can do it together. We can always work together, to make the world a better place for each and every single one of us.


Happy holidays! 



IN       ADVANCE    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Written by :

Kogwuonye Patrick Onyeka


University of Benin


credited to:

those who leave with pains,tears struggle hatred,fear this year 2017.







  1. My reflection of 2017 is that it has been a year of division. Party against party/race against race/belief against belief. This divide has been marked with hurtful damaging words and increasing violence. But…I have also seen people rise up and take note. I have seen people voice loudly their opposition to hate and bigotry and proclaim “not me!” It is my hope that in 2018, their voices grow and prevail.

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    • Yes..we expect more new things….the division is not ginna stop…but been able to bring out yourself from the division like belief,religion,race,denomination,race.

      It will be better…..more hope again next year

      Happy new year inadvance @angelmcclintock

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  2. Times have been tumulus, but any change requires that, I hope the change will come and will be for the best. But I am not only hoping, I am also trying to work towards the change. I wish happy new year to all the good people.

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  3. Live your life with peace and love! As you said before is what we have to do.
    For me 2017 was a year that thought me that I am strong. I was used to have my patents around to help me always, at home,with my daughter….. But during this year my sister moved to Spain and then my parents. I am supposed to be unhappy for that but no, I am happy, and I know now that I can do everything by myself. I miss them and hope we can be together again but I learned a lot this 2017. Also I started new thigs like this blog and also new acounts in social networks.
    Happy new year!!!🙋💋

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  4. With the absence of Fear, pain and hate.,,,we will never fully understand the power of LOVE and PEACE. I wish you a better 2018 and welcome to the fam….so glad to have you as a new friend!

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    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my post,i appreciate that very much.

      Why was you 2017 a nightmare?
      Can I hear it out?

      Thanks again for reading this post up to the end. I guess you find it interesting.

      Peace and Love

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