As a new fresh graduates, and also a hustler, I related to one of my colleague in Lagos, who lives alone, that am coming to Lagos to hustle, he told when am ready I should come.
After two days of preparation for the journey, my savings from tutorial class I organize for students I put all together, I was set to go to the so called popular Lagos ( lasgidi). I took bus from delta to Lagos, despite the increase in fuel scarcity.
The journey was not easy, travelling like 8 hours, I left early as at 8:30am, I got there  4:45pm late, I had to make call to my friend  Tega, a warri boy, who work as a banker in one of the new generation banks.
To make things worst I had flat battery, to call was a problem, I check my diary for the contact, and I found it. I called him, and he responded he is at the park waiting for me.
Luckily for me I turned my back, I found him walking close to me, we hug  and shook hands, and we laugh and crack jokes, later I went to his house .
Tega was an orphan, who seen life as a difficult things without support from anybody, he was able to train himself to school, and graduated with a good result.
Early morning hours in ajegunle Lagos, I was a jjc in Lagos especially in that area; I saw different kind of being, the smokers, drinkers, the prostitutes, and most especially the gamblers.
Ajegunle a well know jungle village, where everybody do things in their way, without you saying anything about it.
The next morning, I step outside to fetch water to bath, I heard voices of people shouting thief! Thief!! Thief!!!
I quickly stood still to see what’s happening, a young boy of about 22 of age, battling with a group of boys, who heard him tightly.
The noise was much; I went outside to see what was going on. What I heard again was, “bring fuel, bring fuel”. The young boy was fallen down, from nowhere tyre of different size came out, with people volunteering their spoilt tyres.
What I saw again was tyres on the boy body, with splashing of fuel on the across the tyre, within few minute, the boy was consumed by the fire beyond recognition.
As everybody was going, a shout from the back, was saying he is not the one, the real thief has been caught. But it was late. The deed has been done.
The scene I saw that day made me go in to deep thinking.



I will like to ask a simple question  for my fellow readers and viewers.

  1. What is your own views and contributions on this articles?
  2. Are you aware of existence of jungle justice in your area? If so, explain
  3. What are your perceptions of  people who indulge in such act?
  4. Do these people enjoy such things? Elaborate.
  5. What in your view is the best way forward to solve this problem?

Please let me know all your reactions, views and insights in the comment box below!


Written by:

Kogwuonye Patrick Onyeka


Writer/Blogger/Educator/Tutor/web developer

University of Benin


Credited to :

those families who have lost their loved one to jungle justice




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