On the Road to Church Today


I haven’t been to church in a long while and sincerely I am not good on church lately because I have some doubt. Am a catholic but today I decided to go to Winners Chapel (Living Faith)  agbor,Delta state.

I wasn’t doing anything meaningful at home so I set out. I hurriedly took my bath,wore my ironed clothes  and sprayed my perfume..hmmm. What a nice fragrance?

So I came out of my crib went straight to get a bike. I stood at junction to take a bike ,after some minutes I saw a bike and I entered it.

We passed through the bad untiled  Road with dust everywhere along old-Lagos asaba road and our bike  break down suddenly. The back tyre fell and needed to be changed.

I got down from the bike for the tyre to be fixed, after that I enters the bike,unknown to us, a vehicle with speed nearly hit us, spreading dust on my white native…..kai…my anger triggered.

I was mad and angry. What is wrong with all these female drivers.

I wasn’t a church person, but this was clearly silly and senseless.

When I sited the car,I found out it was heading to winners chapel,my direction.
So I told the bike man to speed off. I told myself I will confront her when we come down from the bike.

When I got there I payed  the bike man. Went straight to where the car is parked.

I saw her inside the car, without wasting time, I started nagging and complaining to her face, but then the usher came to see what was going on.

What I saw shocked me. She  came down with the aid of a crutches.

“”I understood may be she was hurrying to get to church since she was on crutches riding the car””

Oops, I didn’t know.
How could I have missed that? God!!! I felt so terrible for nagging at her. I still feel terrible right now. I met her and apologized.

Again and again I apologized, but I still feel it wasn’t enough.

The pastor preached about angered  today, that made me more angry  but I didn’t get much from all he said.

I learnt a bigger life lesson: love all and be slow to judge anyone or any situation.


I will like to ask a simple question  for my fellow readers and viewers.

  1. What is your own views and contributions on this articles?
  2. Have you judge a group of people wrogly?
  3. What are your perceptions of  people that experience such judgement?
  4. Do these people  enjoy such judgement? Elaborate.
  5. What in your view is the best way forward to solve this problem?

Please let me know all your reactions, views and insights in the comment box below!


Written by:

Kogwuonye Patrick Onyeka


Writer/Blogger/Educator/Tutor/web developer

University of Benin


Credited to :

those people/group/organisation  that  have been judged wrongly.


  1. Fast to judge others is usually not a good character trait.
    When finding faults in others, first ask..” Am I in anyway the same?”..
    The Lords Prayer….” forgive us our transgressions as WE FORGIVE those who transgress against us”

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